Cigarette Tax Scorecard (2nd Edition): Cigarette Price

This Policy Note was written based on the Cigarette Tax Scorecard. The policy note elaborates on one of the four scoring components used in the Scorecard: cigarette price. This component of the score measures the price of the most-sold brand in international dollars (Intl$), adjusted for purchasing power parity (PPP). The highest score of 5 points is awarded to countries where the cigarette price is at least 10 Intl$ PPP. In 2020, the average score in this component was 2.50 points out of 5. There is significant room for improvement globally, although the European region and high-income countries perform best. The policy note further discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the measure, as well as recommendations for policy makers. 


View the entire Cigarette Tax Scorecard here.

November 2021

Location(s): Global

Content Type: Policy Note

Topic(s): Tax and price, Tax levels and structure