Cigarette Tax Scorecard (2nd Edition)

The Tobacconomics Cigarette Tax Scorecard (2nd edition) was written by Frank Chaloupka, Jeff Drope, Erika Siu, Violeta Vulovic, Maryam Mirza, Germán Rodriguez-Iglesias, Anh Ngo, Christina Laternser, Hye Myung Lee, Margaret Dorokhina, and Mareda Smith. The 2nd edition of the Scorecard assesses the performance of cigarette tax policies in 160 countries. It uses 2020 data from the WHO Global Tobacco Control Reports to score countries on a five-point scale, thus providing policy makers with an actionable assessment. There are four scoring components used: the cigarette price, changes in affordability, the tax share of the price, and the tax structure used. Each country receives a score for each component, in addition to an overall score. The Scorecard shows that governments have made insufficient progress in addressing the world’s leading cause of preventable death, despite established evidence that the most effective tool—tobacco taxation—would reduce smoking and increase revenues. 



Access the entire Data set with the country scores here.

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