Briefing slides for Understanding the U.S. Illicit Tobacco Market: Characteristics, Policy Context, and Lessons from International Experience

Briefing on illicit trade report by Committee on the Illicit Tobacco Market: Collection and Analysis of the International Experience, presented upon the report’s release date, February 18, 2015.


Official Statement of Task:

An ad hoc committee will conduct a study and prepare a report that will assess the scope of the international illicit tobacco market, including demand, structure, volume, variations by country and the impact of changes in policy.  The committee will examine existing literature and consult international experts on the illicit tobacco market.  The committee may also examine specific case studies to assess various policy mechanisms and the impact on the illicit trade in tobacco products.  The report will include recommendations about the strengths and weaknesses of the currently available research and the applicability of international experiences to the illicit tobacco market in the United States.


View the presentation here and access the full report here.


February 2015

Peter Reuter
Martin Bouchard
Frank J. Chaloupka
Philip J. Cook
Matthew C. Farrelly
Geoffrey T. Fong
Rachel A. Harmon
Edward R. Kleemans
Conrad Phillip Kottak
Michael Levi
Emily Owens
Vaughan W. Rees
Anthony So
Klaus von Lampe
Heather Wipfli