Tobacconomics-PAHO Webinar: Spotlight on Latin America [SPANISH]

This is a recording of the Tobacconomics-PAHO webinar presented on April 16, 2021.

Presentations from Germán Rodriguez-Iglesias, an author of the Scorecard; Maxime Roche from PAHO; and Daniel Alvarez from the World Bank, highlighted strengths and areas of improvement in the cigarette tax policies of the region. Rosa Sandoval, from PAHO, joined for the panel section of the webinar as well.

Access the entire Scorecard here and the regional Policy Brief here.

April 2021

Location(s): Latin America and the Carribbean

Content Type: Webinar

Topic(s): Tax and price, Tax levels and structure

Authors(s): Germán Rodriguez-Iglesias, MSc, Maxime Roche, Daniel Alvarez, Rosa Sandoval