State Regulation of Tribal Tobacco Sales: A Historical State-by-State Analysis, 2005–2015

This chartbook provides a detailed overview of sales laws pertaining to cigarettes and other tobacco products (“OTP”) on tribal reservations in the 20 states with laws pertaining to on-reservation tobacco sales and taxation (“tribal states”) in effect as of January 1, 2015. It illustrates the state-by-state tribal sales laws for both cigarettes and, where appropriate, OTP; describes what, if any, compact provisions are recommended or required by each state; identifies and evaluates key, state-level regulatory strategies for tribal sales in each state; and identifies gaps and opportunities for state tobacco control advocates and policy makers relative to tribal tobacco sales.

Download the chartbook here.


December 2016

Hillary R. DeLong
Julien Leider
Jamie F. Chriqui
Frank J. Chaloupka