Increasing the Cigarette Excise Tax Would Delay Smoking Initiation in Mexico (Policy Brief)

This Policy Brief was written by Martin Gonzalez-Rozada and Fiona Franco Churruarin. The policy brief discusses the impact that cigarette excise taxes have on smoking initiation in Mexico, where the age of smoking initiation is between the ages of 17 and 20. Previous research shows that there are significant health benefits to delaying the age of initiation for smokers. Gonzalez-Rozada and Franco Churruarin find that increasing prices of cigarettes by 20 percent effectively reduces and delays the initiation of smoking in Mexico. The authors observe an especially significant delay of smoking initiation among youth, women, and the poor. The policy brief concludes that increasing excise taxes on tobacco is a favorable and progressive policy that would help prevent tobacco-related diseases in Mexico’s population.



October 2020

  • Martin Gonzalez-Rozada
  • Fiona Franco Churruarin