Tools to Reduce Tobacco Use Among Young People in Poland: Addressing Affordability and Accessibility of Tobacco Products Through Taxation and Other Measures

The study by researchers from Tobacconomics team and the Medical University of Gdansk uses data from 2003-2019 youth smoking surveys in Poland and finds a negative and significant relationship between cigarette prices and the hazard of smoking initiation. Lower hazards of smoking initiation are also associated with a comprehensive advertising ban and with the introduction of pictorial warnings. The study concludes that cigarette price increases, such as from higher cigarette excise taxes, could further significantly reduce cigarette youth smoking initiation in Poland. Poland’s support for the meaningful renewal of the EU Tobacco Tax Directive would be crucial to this effort. Removing promotional and advertising elements from cigarette packs and making the health warning more noticeable through plain packaging laws would further accelerate the reduction in smoking initiation.