Tobacco Consumption in North Macedonia (Report)

This Report was written by Analytica in North Macedonia. The report presents the findings from the Survey on Tobacco Consumption in Southeastern European countries which was conducted in North Macedonia in 2019. Analytica finds that smoking prevalence is high, as 48.4% of adults smoke, and secondhand exposure is high among both children and adults. In addition, researchers collected data on cessation, expenditures, prices, attitudes towards tobacco prices and consumption, access restrictions, anti-smoking sentiment, and exposure to tobacco advertising in the country. This report uses the findings collected to make recommendations to decrease tobacco use in the future and minimize the harmful effects it causes. 

A Fact Sheet based on the report can be found here.

December 2020

Location(s): Europe, North Macedonia

Project: Think Tanks Project: Accelerating Progress on Tobacco Taxes in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Content Type: Report

Topic(s): Cessation, Economic consequences, Marketing bans, Prevalence and consumption, Smoke-free policies, Tobacco control policies and programs, Tobacco use

Authors(s): Bojana Mijovic Hristovska, Tamara Mijović Spasova, MBA, Borce Trenovski, Kristijan Kozheski, Marija Trpkova-Nestorovska, Natasa Trajkova Najdovska