IARC Handbooks of Cancer Prevention, Tobacco Control,Vol 12: Methods for Evaluating Tobacco Control Policies

This volume concentrates on evaluating the impact of societal level interventions to control tobacco use and it is offered as a guide to evaluators in the field. The Handbook covers how the effects of a policy are determined, the core constructs for understanding how and why a given policy works, the potential moderator variables to consider when evaluating a given policy and the data sources that might be useful for evaluation. The Handbook includes logic models outlining relevant constructs for evaluating the effectiveness of policies on tobacco taxation, smoke-free environments, tobacco product regulations, limits on tobacco marketing communications, product labeling, anti-tobacco public communication campaigns and tobacco use cessation interventions.


January 2008

Ron Borland
K. Michael Cummings
Timothy Baker
Ursula Bauer
Frank J. Chaloupka
Carolyn Dresler
Jean-Francois Etter
Geoffrey T. Fong
Gary A. Giovino
G. Emmanuel Guindon
Prakash C. Gupta
David Hammond
Gerard Hastings
Andrew Hyland
Luk Joossens
Alan Lopez
Anne Marie MacKintosh
Ann McNeill
Mark Parascandola
Armando Peruga
Patrick Petit
Megan E. Piper
James F. Thrasher
Charles (Wick) Warren