Illicit Trade in Manufactured Cigarettes and Hand-Rolled Tobacco in North Macedonia

This Policy Brief was written by Analytica in North Macedonia. The policy brief estimates the size and characteristics of the illicit tobacco market in North Macedonia. The study finds that tax evasion is higher in North Macedonia, compared to EU countries. The share of tax evasion 14.6% of the market, with the majority occurring in the hand-rolled tobacco market. The manufactured cigarette market is overwhelmingly licit, although this is to be expected given the low prices in the country. The policy brief makes policy recommendations for the country to decrease its illicit tobacco market, while increasing tobacco taxes and other tobacco control measures. 

A corresponding Report can be found here.

June 2021

Location(s): Europe, North Macedonia

Project: Think Tanks Project: Accelerating Progress on Tobacco Taxes in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Content Type: Policy Brief

Topic(s): Economic impacts of tobacco control, Tax avoidance and evasion

Authors(s): Natasa Trajkova Najdovska, Bojana Mijovic Hristovska, Tamara Mijović Spasova, MBA, Borce Trenovski