Infographic: E-Cigs Flood U.S. Market, Giving Kids Easy Access

New research from our team helps make the case for stronger regulation of e-cigarettes and identifies policy solutions for reducing consumption and better protecting kids. Our latest studies, published in Tobacco Control on June 16, look at how states are regulating e-cigarettes, track the dramatic increase in the number of U.S. retailers that sell e-cigarettes near schools, and show how raising e-cigarette prices affects consumption. These findings are highlighted in our new infographic.

Update: Our latest research shows that 22 states were regulating e-cigarette sales to youth as of November 2013. And while there’s been a flurry of action at the state level over the past few months, a wide and precarious policy gap still exists. This gap means that many kids do have access to e-cigarette products. It means that kids and adults across the country risk being exposed to e-cigarettes in public places where state regulation lags behind. The rapid expansion of the e-cigarette market also poses a significant threat to kids—more and more stores near schools are selling e-cigarettes, and not surprisingly, more and more kids are consuming them. 

The study of e-cigarettes may be an emerging area, but one thing is certain: We know enough today to say policymakers need to act boldly and they need to act now to protect kids from e-cigarettes.