Tamara Mijović Spasova, MBA


Ms. Tamara Mijovic Spasova is a Research Fellow at the Association for Policy Research (“Analytica”) think tank in Macedonia, where she works on projects related to monitoring of public finances within the Public Policy Analysis and Administration Program. In addition, Tamara is a part of a collaborative project focused on conducting concrete analysis on tobacco taxation in the country to be able to engage all the important stakeholders in the policy dialogue, and analyze the supply and demand for tobacco products, tobacco taxation national policies, illicit trade and estimation of elasticity of demand of tobacco products. Prior to working at Analytica, she worked in the Budged and Funds Department at the Ministry of Finance, the KD Fondovi AD Skopje asset management company, and the South Balkan Private Equity Management Group (SPMG) as a Financial Statement and Investment Analyst.

Tamara received her bachelor’s in economics and financial management from the University of St. Cyril and Methodius, and her MBA in finance from the University of Ljubljana in Macedonia.