October 23, 2019

Media Alert‑ Taxing Bad Behaviours Improve Outcomes

Chicago, IL- Knowledgeable Magazine recently interviewed Dr. Frank Chaloupka of the Tobacconomics Project for the article “Do Soda Taxes Work?” The article examines taxing harmful products to discourage their consumption. It provides an interesting perspective on the research Dr. Chaloupka and Tobacconomics has done around increasing taxes on products, such as sugar-sweetened beverages and tobacco.

Dr. Chaloupka is quoted in the article as saying“ There’s decades of work now on tobacco, hundreds of studies from around the world, showing that if you raise prices you induce adults to quit smoking and prevent kids from taking it up.” The article also links to a report Dr. Chaloupka co-authored this year on the subject.

Read the article here: https://www.knowablemagazine.org/article/health-disease/2019/do-soda-taxes-work